Remove the lock from the bike using the code you have been sent email on the day of your booking.

Unplug the charging cable from the bike

Press the orange button on the left handlebar to turn on the display

Press the ‘M’ button to scroll through the information screen (trip time, distance, odometer., range, average speed and max speed)

Push the up/down buttons to increase or decrease the electric motor assistance modes (Eco, tour, sport, turbo) – note, motor assistance will cut out at speeds over 15mph

Average range on a single charge is 25-30 mile, but a lot of factors can impact on range:-

  • The combined weight of the rider and any luggage
  • The assistance mode selected
  • The cycling route (e.g. type of terrain and inclines)
  • Temperature and climate (e.g. cold weather will decrease the performance of the battery)
  • Wind speed and direction

Lights are activated by pushing the button on top of the light unit (3 modes)

Push the orange button to turn off

We strongly recommend that you practice on the road outside for a few minutes to get the hang of the controls, before setting off

If you have any problems, please try Simon on 07595 672675 or Cath on 07833 020424