On arrival – How to find your bike

Ideally, please arrive at Epchris House on foot at 10am for whole day hire or 2pm for half day hire.

If you are driving please park on the road outside (Torrs Park) where you will find free and unrestricted parking.

Go through the gates to Epchris House and walk down the drive towards the guest house.

Follow the Easy Riders sign and go left around the hairpin bend and down into the lower car park. Walk through the car park and exit in the corner on the right into the garden.

On your left is the Easy Divers Dive Centre and opposite on your rights is the path to Easy Riders bike storage shed.

Go in and locate your bike by its number on the frame of the bike and the number on the space that it is in.

Unlock the bike using the 4 digit code that you will have received via e-mail on the day of your hire.

Take a helmet from the rack and take a moment to read the bike usage instructions clearly displayed on the left hand wall of the shed (these usage instructions are also included in your booking confirmation).

Exit the premises the same way you came in.

To make it easier to push the bike up the driveway slope, push the down arrow button on the power mode change control on the left hand side of the handlebars.

Once on the road, it is recommended to take 5 minutes to ride up and down Torrs Park to familiarise yourself with the power change controls.

On returning the bike, please ensure that your bike is locked back into the station bearing the same number as your bike by 6pm.

Have a great and ‘Easy’ ride!

Any problems please call Simon on 07595 672675 or Cath on 07833 020424